At Haute Déco,  we are passionate about creating and manufacturing decorative handles in artistic colours, in the strongly-held belief that they can be a match in every respect to  luxury bronze and crystal handles.

That is why we have a dedicated colour studio at our Hampshire premises, to conceive the new colours that keep enriching our colour library, and to manufacture our luxury colour hardware.

All our colours are created from scratch – often using a point of reference in the natural world that we live in. We like to think of Nature as our muse, in the belief that nature always gets it right.

Our colours range from near neutrals and mineral shades to bright gemstone hues and everything in between, with over 150 colours to choose from. Subtle differences are difficult to see on screen, hence we only showcase a selection of colours on the website. One of the beauties of producing our handles to order in our own premises in England is that every one of our designs can be produced in any of our colours, making the range of possibilities nearly endless.

Our colour-rich handles are made to the same exacting standard as all our luxury handles, with an equally painstaking polishing process in seven steps, designed to bring out the full depth of the colour and to ensure that our handles age beautifully.