D Orfèvre Collection - Elevated Jewellery Hardware embellished with textural engraving

Orfèvre Collection: Elevated Jewellery Hardware

Armed with engraving hammers, our own goldsmith transforms the appearance of fine metals, creating four distinct poetic landscapes on the surface of the metal:

The Precioso  is a delicate etching pattern, achieved with randomly applied soft hammering, and sublimated by the translucent layer of cast resin subsequently cast over it.

Frappé is a hammered pattern, hand-applied, that amplifies into soft ripples through the prism of cristalle glass.

Rilievo is like a reverse shagreen embossing, also hand applied.

Sieta, is a silken effect achieved through evenly applied, soft hammering across the surface of the metal, further enhanced by the layering of cristalle resin over it.