Set at the heart of London’s interior design community, Haute Déco specialises exclusively in luxury contemporary handles for prime residences around the globe. Its unique collection of couture door handles is famed for its individual house-style of understated glamour, adding character, individuality and a sense of atmosphere to contemporary interiors.

Established in 1994 by Parisian-born Marie-Véronique Swannell, the company has been championing the revival of decorative hardware since it opened its Kings Road showroom on London’s iconic Kings Road, now the centre of Chelsea Design Quarter, London’s interior design hub.

At a time when architectural ironmongery was limited to reproduction brass and industrial-style stainless steel, Marie-Véronique developed a fresh concept for hand-made contemporary classic door furniture, branding Haute Déco as “the haute couture of door knobs”. Often described as door jewellery, Haute Déco’s hardware is in a league of its own: made with integrity, by hand and in time-honoured fashion, each handle bears the mark of true luxury, a “beauty from within” that is hard to define but easy to recognize.

Continuing to champion luxury decorative doorknobs, Haute Déco has built the most original and authentic collection of contemporary-classic architectural and cabinetry hardware anywhere, catching the essence of the moment yet remaining timeless. Infused with a trademark house-style, the collection ranges from precious door jewellery to nature inspired rough luxury, across a spectrum of finishes developed and perfected in-house by applying time-honoured skills to modern-day materials.

Having their own dedicated production site in South-West England, Haute Déco’s handles are meticulously hand-made in a small-scale atelier where the company has developed a unique savoir faire, with four distinctive areas of expertise.


Textural Bronze: where patterns inspired by Nature, Haute Couture and Jewellery are fashioned like works of art into contemporary bronze handle formats.

Cristalle™ resin: a water-clear, translucent material, hand cast then polished in multiples stages to achieve a shimmering, ethereal quality, soft to touch yet extremely durable.

Bronze inclusions in Cristalle™: an exclusive door jewellery concept with extraordinary radiance where bronze elements are cast into Cristalle™ resin.

Lacquers, Gems and Textured Colours: wide-ranging colour palette including precious gem-inspired, colours, sophisticated lacquers, bold primary colours, plus natural neutrals and stone effects.

Every collection is designed across a variety of formats so that coordinated handles can be combined on doors and furniture: typicall, each style will include lever handles and doorknobs for internal doors; statement handles for full-height push-pull doors; cabinet knobs, D handles and smaller plate handles for furniture and wardrobes; and recessed handles for pocket and sliding doors. The company’s pulls are regularly specified as an exclusive finishing touch for contemporary kitchens or shower enclosures. Handles can also be customised for use as window handles or other specialist applications.

Design is overseen by Marie-Véronique and driven by an affinity with textures, in a process that owes more to sculpture than to CAD. Purity of form is the guiding line, giving focus to exquisite textural surfaces, adding an abstract dimension to the motifs and leaving room for interpretation.

Particular attention is given to the tactile quality of a texture, so that opening a door turns into a sensory experience. This is achieved both at the design stage by creating textures that are intrinsically soft to touch, and by painstaking hand-polishing throughout the manufacturing process.

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